HVAC Maintenance Services You Can Do on Your Own

Local HVAC Expert

Changing your air filter is not the only maintenance job you can do to help your HVAC system work effectively and efficiently throughout the years. Especially considering that you typically only schedule professional maintenance services once or twice a year. Here are some:

Check Your Thermostat

As the temperatures cool down, you may be getting ready to use your furnace system, if you haven’t done yet. Perhaps in doing so, you have noticed cool air coming from your vents rather than the desired warm temperature. Most of the time, our customers have given us a call only to discover that their thermostats were still set to “cool” or set at the wrong temperature. While this can be associated with a mechanical error, it may be as simple as changing the programming. This is why checking your thermostat regularly is very important. Because most of the time, the problem with your HVAC system is not with the system at all, but rather with the component that controls its operation.

Clear the Obstructions

If your air vents are clogged up with dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris or contaminants, then it can prevent your HVAC system from operating at its optimal performance. Ensure that you keep this area clean by dusting and vacuuming your vents at least once a month. Check your outdoor unit, too, as they are exposed to excessive amounts of dust, debris, lawn clippings, leaves, and others. At least once a month, you should check your outdoor unit and ensure no obstruction or blockage that can lessen its performance.

When it is time to schedule your professional HVAC maintenance services, then simply reach out to the professionals at Local HVAC Expert!